Monday, September 26, 2011

Wawa Dam, Rizal: Experience Nature just an Hour away from the City

F has this dream of joining a social entrepreneurship program launch by British Council and he wants his adopted town to be the beneficiary (not his real hometown, its just he found a new family in the place thru an office mate and he loved the place from then on). He invited me along with another office mate to survey the place so we could gather information we can need to complete the feasibility study that's required for the project.

Located at Rodriquez, Rizal (formerly Montalban), Wawa Dam is a defunct but still streaming reservoir. After  work, the three of us meet up at Farmers Cubao and rode an FX van bound to Eastwood Residences. From the subdivision, we rode a tricycle going to our office mate's home which is at the entrance of the street going to the dam. We can ride a jeepney for a cheaper fare but it is too late so we decided to ride tricycle instead.

Fortunately, the house is indeed near the dam and the river. Our friend allow us to sleep in one of their bamboo room. From our room we could hear the sound of the flowing river.

After breakfast the next morning, we headed directly to explore the place. We first visited the river at the foot of our cottage and saw big white boulders at the other side of it. On the way, I noticed beautiful huge trees. They look enchanting somehow. I just wish they could be preserve longer.

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