Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exotic Fruit Trees at Bliss Fruit Trees UP Diliman

I decided to buy another exotic tree after papa cut my precious macopa tree to end my uncle's complain that the tree's fallen leaves forced him to clean their yard everyday. Though I missed macopa a lot, I got interested to have a different tree this time. I searched on the internet and found a nearby nursery that sells double rootstock exotic plants.
My quest for my new darling tree(s) brought me to Bliss Fruit Trees, a plant nursery inside UP Bliss Compound in Quezon City. I met Bernardo Dizon lll, the young man behind this plant business. I told him what I want and he gives me suggestions on what suit best for the size of land available in our home's backyard and then I came up with two trees; lanzones and rambutan.

I am so confident these trees could thrive in our yard, given the fact that any seeds we plant or threw in the earth grows. I love plants but it is mother who has a tried and tested, effortless, natural or maybe magical "green thumb" that any plant she pinched and plant thrives abundantly. I never inherent the "magic touch" but I still love greens and if it could give me food and fruits, much better; I am willing to invest for a seedling.

While choosing for my seedlings, he gaves me lecture and insights on other exotic trees around the compound such as a tree named Abiu (Pouteria caimito) that has a Chesa (Pouteria campechiana) appearance but the flesh taste and looks like Caimito (Star apple) inside.

I purchased the two trees for Php 350.00 and both were double rootstock. I believe its another type of grafting were two root system support one tree trunk.

The funniest part of this adventure is that I was expecting a typical size seedling that I could conveniently place in a big plastic bag but instead I got two tall seedlings and I had to protect the branches from breaking because I rode a bus, LOL

Check this plant nursery website here and get your own exotic trees that you can plant on your own backyards and yield fruits after several years.

Bliss Fruit Trees Official Website

Bliss Fruit Trees Page

How to Get there:
Ride a bus or any vehicle going to Philcoa, drop at Jollibee UP Diliman Philcoa side, walk a little and search for the arc of UP Bliss, turned left at San Lorenzo Shrine. The nursery is on the left side in front of Building 7.

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