Monday, January 30, 2012

My Mt. Damas Adventure (Traverse) in Tarlac

Foreword: This is my first mountain climb activity and my gift to myself for my 29th birthday. Not familiar with any hiking terms so pardon me if I could not deliver the proper words for this kind of activity. But I will try my best to illustrate you the experience and hopefully would convince you to try it for yourself.

At the summit of Mt. Damas, sweet!
On the morning of January 22, 2012 we started our journey to Camiling, Tarlac to hike a mountain that was said just newly-opened to public, Mt. Damas. 

Together with two other groups, we rented a truck that took us to Dueg Resettlement, San Clemente Tarlac. The ride going up Dueg (it was really like hiking a mountain itself) is one tough ride but I am thankful the truck manages to bring us to our jumpoff location safe and sound.

We ate our lunch right away and met our guides, Boyet, Jay Ar and I forgot the name of the other one (sorry) and the kid, Manny, one guide for each group.

We started the ascend right after lunch coz we need to reach the summit before dark. Since we are not sure of how fast the pacing of every member was and two in our group were first timers-that includes me, it’s better to give extra time allowance.

At Mt. Damas: These girls are up to the challenges!

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