Thursday, February 7, 2013

Convert Files from One File Type to Another Without Downloading any Software at

Received an email today from my online job company and sends instruction to update my profile for their website by providing them several information such as written personal details, professional looking photo, video and audio for clients to read, hear and see.

Done with the writing part and proceeds with my thirty-seconds audio file. However, I could only used my cellphone's voice recorder to make a voice recording. While doing so, I found it automatically saved to adaptive multi-rate audio file(.amr) and as per instruction, only mp3 files will be accepted.

So I browsed internet and finally after a failed installation of one file converter software, I found one that doesn't need a software download and it's for free, no signing up needed, too. The website is

Monday, December 31, 2012

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Hawthorn Flakes at Aji Ichiban Stores

This bag of Hawthorn flakes reminds me of my childhood where kids in our neighborhood substitute these flakes as "Ostiya" (Holy Bread in a Catholic Mass) out of frustration that we are not allowed to partake the said white bread during mass because we are still kids and so we improvised our own and find this red, round flakes in the stores.

Now grown up and able to participate in the Holy Sacrament of Eucharist, I no longer insists of making hawthrorn flakes a substitute to tasteless Ostiya, though I sometimes wish Ostiya to have a slight sweetness. Anyway, maybe who ever invented that white thin bread has a vision that someday diabetes will become a typical sickness and its more beneficial to body to make it sugarless.

But the sweet crunchy hawthorn flakes always have a place in my heart and so it is great to find one big bag in Aji Ichiban Candies Store, Megamall for Php 55.00. They also have a small roll of bigger disc for only Php 20.00 a roll.

The collage above is the Haw flakes, Hawthorn berries when ripe and its pretty flowers in bloom.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

If No One Will Give You Flowers, Buy Them For Yourself

Okay, so boyfriend seems not so aware how I love flowers. Long ago, a closefriend's death make me realized I want to enjoy the beauty of  flowers and I don't want to give it as well during someone's funeral. So from then on, I never waited for anyone to give me flowers when I wanted it, I buy some for myself and I give it to others as well. Mother who is very price conscious and by nature- frugal, doesn't understand the whole concept of receiving a flower that is equivalent of one whole yummy cake. I told her I wanted her to see the flowers and enjoy their beauty while she can still see it.

Buying flowers on malls; though convenient, some are even imported and good quality are quite pricey. So, on a typical day when I want to just brighten my place, I grabbed flowers in the nearest church sold by peddlers outsides where you can get roses and chrysanthemums. On a regular day, a simple three roses costs only Php20.00, so as a bundle of hardy chrysanthemums. Are you gonna deprived yourself of making your place beautiful and make you feel good for only twenty pesos? So when you really love yourself, learn to give yourself flowers and if you have excess, give it to others. Trust me, they will be thrilled to receive it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough

Please bear with me. This blog article will be very personal that I decided to just write whatever comes to my head.

Free Personality Test at PersonalityMax

My online training for a home-based job requires me to take this exam and got thrilled with the result that I believe everyone should try this as well, just for the fun part of it. Anyway, it only requires our honest answers and though we "believe" we already knew ourselves by this time; maybe not that much or should we start calling our bestfriend(s) perhaps to get from them directly and tell us who we really are. I prefer doing it first and then asked the other stuffs to my trusted friends who never have time stitching lies for me.

Manila Ocean Park

This trip was my second time in this place. The first time was I visited it alone out of curiousity and this recent one was a family bonding and parent's meet up for my sibling and her boyfriend. The plan was a great success.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Palm Sunday 2012 (Araw ng Palaspas)

Palm Sunday is a Catholic feast re-enacting the triumphal entry of Jesus in the city of Jerusalem. As I was cleaning my computer files, I dug this photos I took during Palm Sunday mass in Quiapo and how I am always fascinated by this feast. I love the synchronized waving of the palm leaves, it is beautiful in all directions.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Exotic Fruit Trees at Bliss Fruit Trees UP Diliman

I decided to buy another exotic tree after papa cut my precious macopa tree to end my uncle's complain that the tree's fallen leaves forced him to clean their yard everyday. Though I missed macopa a lot, I got interested to have a different tree this time. I searched on the internet and found a nearby nursery that sells double rootstock exotic plants.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Aging's Food Delight Halaya Ube

Been living in Bagong Ilog, Pasig for almost three years because it is near my work but it's only this year that I discovered this kakanin shop that is worth mentioning in my blog; Aging's Food Delight aka Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog.

If you are near this area, every morning you will observed the long carts full of kakanin being sold along the streets. For only 

Monday, October 22, 2012

The Fascinating Art of Rock Balancing in the Philippines

I was introduced in this kind of art during my first hiking adventure in Mt. Damas where mountaineers uses the rocks near Ubod Falls to create their non-permanent art by stacking stones above each other, mostly its the smaller rock at the bottom and a bigger one on top. So imagine how hard it is to took photos beside these stones at they might fall and hurt me. Read my adventures here:  .Anyway, its absolutely cute so I never leave without taking a few photos and been very careful not to ruin other peoples creation.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Serenity Prayer

Long before I knew that a prayer is my direct communication/personal moment with my Creator and thus I don't need any script to do so; this ready-made prayer by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr is one of my favorite.

Monday, October 15, 2012

French Baker Raisin Bonnets: Simple, Humble and Yummy

French Baker Raisin Bonnets
The French Baker Raisin Bonnets is a real treat. It is my all-time French Baker bread favorite, surpassing all other more elaborate, eye-candy pastries that line-up the counter. 

It is simple yet satisfying. The fact that I love raisins as well, adds allure to this humble bread and that is why I keep coming back for it. Each bread has a generous amount of raisin and the dough is not so sweet, it is the raisins that give 

I am a Bread Monster

I'm a bread monster. I am, I confessed. I am a full-blooded Pinay but I could live eating breads for breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner and mid-night snack while most of my kababayans prefer eating rice on their meals. As for me, just pair it with a cup of hot coffee and you won't hear a complain from me. I am willing to pay exorbitant price for a piece of bread, pastry or cake. Trust me, there are times I don't like it either, for it is against my frugal mentality but bread is an obsession and I am powerless over those glazey, mouth-watering, decadent, flour masterpiece over the glass shelves.

I will try my best not to eat them right away upon purchase and take pictures of it so I could make review. The problem it that, there are times I could no longer wait to return home so I could capture a good images of these yummy treats.

I'm not sure If I could maintain blogging this topic because of that predicament I stated above. However, I enjoyed eating them as much as I enjoy looking at their colors. I tried baking but its seems I am best at eating them rather than making them.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

Philippines get ready as KPOP will once again invade Manila, but this time it is real huge and crazy. What more can make it big when you combine the hottest device in the market, Samsung Galaxy S lll alongside with  Korea’s most successful music group, Big Bang in one gigantic concert. Two icons of different industry sharing one event and that is one grand concert not to be missed.

The all-guys group, who are love not only in their country but worldwide, found their way to Filipino heart through their music that, though, we barely understand, we know just my listening that their songs are great and the guys are geniuses when it comes to music, fashion and style. Oh, we simply couldn’t help but adore these talented hotties and cuties from neighbor country, Korea.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

No To Cybercrime Law

Can't say a word right now, but I'm pissed off with this new law.
Just want to post this photo right now to show my support to my fellow writers, bloggers and pinoy netizens here and abroad.

History told that our forefathers fought for our freedom and that includes our freedom of speech. So why are you suppressing our right!!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kerygma Conference 2012

Mark your calendar for this year's biggest Catholic inspirational event, Kerygma Conference 2012 with this year's theme "Champions, Arise!". A two days event to be held at SM Mall of Asia Arena and SMX on November 24 to 25th.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where To Buy Hydrotons or Expanded Clay Pellets for Your Hydrophonics Project

Since I experienced it myself how hard it is to find these expanded clay pellets also called Hydrotons or Hydrocorns, much more finding an offer with reasonable price, I will share where I bought mine.

Establishment: Aya's Garden
Price: Php 100.00 per kilo (retail)
Class: Large Pellets
Address: Manila Seedling Bank, Quezon Ave. corner EDSA Quezon City

I bought a kilo because it is needed for a hydroponics project called Window Farm (which I haven't started yet and not sure when to commence) that I watched in YouTube.

Searching the internet and our local trusted classified ads website,, sellers there offer it for a ridiculous price of Php 180.00 per kilo. Woah, that's expensive.

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lipote Berries (Syzygium curranii)

Seedlings and rotten berries at the ground near the tree.
All throughout my life, I have known this tree as Duhat. That is what my parents told us it was. It is native in their hometown,in Catanduanes Island of Bicol and maybe that is where the seedling came from.

Just a couple of weeks ago, while browsing for plant nurseries where I could get some exotic fruit trees (I am really looking for grafted rambutan and lanzones. I consider them exotic though they are typical but seasonal fruits in the 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick

An unannounced office pictorial introduced me to this product when I forgot to bring my own lipstick and end up borrowing my office mate's typical-looking lipstick- Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick with Vitamin E.

During one of my hike. The lipstick stays the whole day. I love it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine, Antipolo City: A Journey of Faith, Cashew Nuts, Suman and Stained-Glass Windows

Antipolo Shrine- Every month of May, this small shrine was flocked with thousands of devotees to pay homage to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It is considered a big event within the localities that will be part of the pilgrimage, as the people tend to walk their way up to the hills of Antipolo where the shrine is situated, famously known as "Alay Lakad' to commemorate the transfer of the image to its permanent sanctuary.

The facade of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine.
Believed to be miraculous, the Marian image, popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo, finds its home at this small yet lovely shrine surrounded by stained-glass windows that really fascinated me.

History has it that the image kept the perilous voyage of Governor Tabora and his men safe amidst dangerous water and fire aboard their ship that when they finally arrived at the Port of Manila, the Governor calls for a celebration and thus, the image has been accepted as the Patron Saint of Travelers.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Joy of DIY and an Advice to Parents with Kids Curious About Everthing

Hi everyone, I decided to create a separate blogsite for crafts and DIY's topics.

Kindly click this link: . In that new site, I can focused primarily on the said topic of crafting and Do-it-Yourself tutorials which I want to share to you all. Thank you for supporting my sites. I love you all. (Updated: August 02, 2012)

MY DIY Banner. Please click read more to view the rest of the article.

Churros City

Bumped on this unfamiliar stall while window-shopping around Market Market Taguig. Surprise to learn its product is a churros, a  twisted dough that is deep-fried and dipped in chocolate. It been ages since I tasted one and glad to find one in a convenient place.

Churros City

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mt. Mag Asawang Bato and Masasa Beach of Tingloy Island, Batangas

Mt. Mag Asawang Bato, located at Tingloy Island, Batangas was the second mountain I recently hike. 
Thank you to Transcom Outdoors for inviting me again.  Visit their website if you want to join their next adventure:  

Summit of Mt. Mag-Asawang Bato at Tingloy Island! Rock n Roll!
The group celebrated their second anniversary and choose the mountain at Tingloy Island for the said special day. 

How to get there + fare:

1.  Ride Alps Bus at Cubao Bus Station (back of Farmers Plaza) to Balagtas, Batangas ( Php  165.00)

2.  From Balagtas Batangas, ride a jeepney  to Anilao Mabini Port (Php  35.00)

3.  Ride a boat to Tingloy Island Port (Php  60.00)

4.  Day 1: From Port of Tingloy, ride a tricycle going to jump-off location Brgy. Masasa (Php  15.00)
     (Day 2: Tricycle from Bgry.14 to Port of Tingloy (Php 10.00)

Total Fare: Php 545.00

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