Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Manila Ocean Park

This trip was my second time in this place. The first time was I visited it alone out of curiousity and this recent one was a family bonding and parent's meet up for my sibling and her boyfriend. The plan was a great success.

Though I managed to survive my first diving adventure, doing that again might require another tough decision. You see, I love adventures, Im happy with the sea (sand and bay part only) and fishes are the easiest pets for me coz they're not noisy, don't need a bath or get vaccine shots and only stays in their tanks throughout the day while Im at work. But swimming and anything that has to do with deep water scares the hell out of me and that means letting go as well all happy and incredible things I could see underwater and that was very frustrating.

Going to ocean parks like our very own Manila Ocean Park allows me to enjoy looking and interacting with  sea creatures sans getting wet and troubles of dealing with my deep sea phobia. Still, nothing beats the adventure of an actual diving but for the less adventurous, strolling along these huge tanks, glass tube oceanarium and countless aquariums could give you that same happy feeling of seeing live and moving marine creatures. Some creatures can even be touch, kissed and have your photo taken beside them. Visit their website http://www.manilaoceanpark.com to check for promotions and seasonal attractions they have.

My top three attractions so far are:

First, the Oceanarium for its wide collection of marine creatures. Personal favorites are the seems-to-be-smiling sting-rays (info:their mouth actually looks like a smiling face), guitar sharks (I hope there's an "electric" guitar shark, LOL) and the king crab ( I'm fantasizing a long crab stick, sorry).

Second, the Jellies. Entering a particular room here full of glass tubes containing different species of jelly fishes is like entering a magical place. Plus the changing light and soothing music, it seems the jellies really dance. It calms mind and jellies seems instructing me to relax and chill just like their movement; unhurried and graceful. I want one of those glass tube in my house, LOL

Third, the Fish Spa. I highly recommend everyone to try this. The fish, Garra rufa aka doctor fish eats dead skin. The highlight of this experience is the ticklish sensation one could experience due to the biting of the fish but after a while it will become soothing. So hold on to your giggles, laugh or scream (reactions depend on your personality) and don't move much coz the fishes are sensitive to movements. The best way to attract them (oh yeah, you have to attract them first to cater you, LOL) is to sit still, don't move your toes, don't move the water, hold on your giggles and NEVER EVER SIT NEXT TO A GUY! I'm dead serious with my last advice that is why I wrote it in all capital letters. My father hates the idea of fishes biting his toes. Reluctant to try the fish spa; we even begged him to just sit in the pool coz we already paid for it but lo and behold he is the one who enjoys this much coz, well, all the fishes choose him, arrghhh!! He leaves the pool with big smile on his face and says its "bitin".


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