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Mt. Mag Asawang Bato and Masasa Beach of Tingloy Island, Batangas

Mt. Mag Asawang Bato, located at Tingloy Island, Batangas was the second mountain I recently hike. 
Thank you to Transcom Outdoors for inviting me again.  Visit their website if you want to join their next adventure: http://www.wix.com/etnadzki/transcom_outdoors  
or  http://www.facebook.com/TRANSCOM.OUTDOORS

Summit of Mt. Mag-Asawang Bato at Tingloy Island! Rock n Roll!
The group celebrated their second anniversary and choose the mountain at Tingloy Island for the said special day. 

How to get there + fare:

1.  Ride Alps Bus at Cubao Bus Station (back of Farmers Plaza) to Balagtas, Batangas ( Php  165.00)

2.  From Balagtas Batangas, ride a jeepney  to Anilao Mabini Port (Php  35.00)

3.  Ride a boat to Tingloy Island Port (Php  60.00)

4.  Day 1: From Port of Tingloy, ride a tricycle going to jump-off location Brgy. Masasa (Php  15.00)
     (Day 2: Tricycle from Bgry.14 to Port of Tingloy (Php 10.00)

Total Fare: Php 545.00

The sweetest part of the journey for me was riding a boat and exploring the coastline of Batangas. It is an hour ride and I had this awesome view of the beaches, hotels, the blue sea, waves, mountains, other islands and clear summer sky. 

Heading to Tingloy Island. Boarding the bangka at Mabini Port.
The coast of Mabini Batangas
The people we meet at Tingloy Island greeted us warmly when we arrived.  It is not my first time in Batangas and I already wandered several of the beaches and places of the province but I never knew this island existed just until that day. Talking about being a stranger in your own country, worst part, being near the area several times and never heard of it.  

Arriving at the Port of Tingloy.
The tricycle drove us to Brgy. Masasa, our jump off location.  We meet some folks and told us that not far ahead is a beach. We actually have the mountain beside us but the group agreed to visit the beach first, wait for the sun to go down and does a night trek instead.

As I am writing this blog, I could still remember the joy I felt when I dipped in the water of Masasa beach. The water is inviting and is very clear. After two feet away from the part coral-part sand shore, the sea stretches with a sand bed and it’s very pleasant just to stand there or swim.  Sea anemone grows in the rocks just four feet away from the shore and with a goggle I was able to see medium size fishes swimming alongside me.

By late afternoon we started the hike.  Two local guys volunteered to guide us because they feared we might get lost and wandered in circle around to what they believe is a mystic mountain. Locals believed the mountain was inhabited by mystical creature such as Tikbalang (half-human, half-horse creature) that likes to lead travellers astray.  We refused at first coz we believe we don’t need to but allow them later to join us (reason: they were very persistent!!).

The real beauty of Tingloy Island greeted us at the break of dawn. From the summit, we have the view of the whole island. Large commercial ships travel the water, and the small fishing boats became white dots in the vast blue ocean. 

The landmark of Mt. Mag asawang Bato are the two big stones located at the summit.  I was not able to climb the stones but according to the locals, at the top of these big stones is a giant clam. They told me I could even sit of the shell coz it’s really huge and if I’m lucky enough, maybe I could find a giant pearl nearby. People believed that the island was under the sea before and sprang up as what it is now. That's the explanation for the giant clam on top of the mountain. I somehow hate myself for not climbing the stones and not able to see the said giant clam.

The mountain has an estimated 290 meters elevation from sea level (including the height of the rocks in the summit). Our group started the hike from the beach so I believed we started at sea level. The only concern when hiking the mountain, based on my observation, are the forked trails which kinda confusing sometimes. The locals used the mountain for their livelihood and so they created countless trails. Loose rocks and soil were another factor that slows down our pacing   We really planned a back track route coz we believe we could return to Brgy. Masasa.  Instead it became traverse coz we descend on another barangay. Good things it’s much near the port and we are able to catch the last boat.  If not, we will have to wait another day or charter a boat to bring us to Mabini port.

I am anticipating Tingloy Island to be the next destination for fun and recreation. It could compete to Puerto Galera in terms of beauty and rallied along side with Anilao for its diving spot potential.  If you are seeking for an adventure in an unexploited beach, crystal blue water and quite place to just relax  plus an easy mountain hike adventure - visit Tingloy Island. An extra one hour boat travel is worth the beauty it can offer.

Special Concerns:
 1. Never listen to the locals instruction of always turning right when trekking the mountain. Not a very helpful instructions as for our experience. 

2. Unless your an experienced mountaineer and won't have issue going in circles, I don't advised a night trekking. Forked trails are quite confusing. 

3. Bring a sturdy rope just in case you happened to choose the steeper trail.

4. Asked the schedule departure of the boat at Tingloy Port. In our case, we are informed that the last trip was 9am but changed to 8:30am the following day. Good thing the man we met the day before took our phone numbers and texted us that there was a change in schedule. Give sufficient time allowance on your descend. Tingloy is an island so even if one gets lost and circle around the mountain, you are still on the said island. The only problem is how far are you from the port to catch the boat. If your missed the last trip, you can charter a boat for Php2000.00 and above.

5. Respect the locals belief that the mountain is mystic. Just listen, politely say thank you and enjoy the trail. 

6. And lastly, this is for the gifted people like me who already acknowledge their unique gift of paranormal vision-  be ready to see some apparition but keep it to yourself if it doesn't mean harm. Fear is something you don't want to share to fellow mountaineers specially when you are having a night trek. I managed to enjoy the night trek by positioning myself at the middle of the group and keeping my pace with the rest. Never saw the tikbalang the locals are bragging. Wonder if there really is one. But the giant clam they are talking, I'll search for it the next time I return. 

Mountaineers turn beach bums. Heading to the beach.

Rice fields near the beach.

The blue water of Masasa Beach in Tingloy Island.  Note: Lady Nyx is not in the picture. She's a good photographer too, so she's the one in-charge of the camera. Credits to my Samsung PL20 Digital Camera.

Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island: "My moment with this beautiful beach. Loved it so much."

Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island: Green foliage, white sand, clear blue ocean, bright sun and summer sky.

Masasa Beach and Mt. Tingloy.
Masasa Beach, Tingloy Island: Swim, dive, play and simply enjoy.

The summit of Mt. Mag Asawang Bato, Tingloy Island.
Group pic with my trek buddies at the summit of Mt. Mag Asawang Bato, Tingloy Island.
Lady Nyx: "Proud of my new found hobby" @ Mt. Mag Asawang Bato, Tingloy Island, Batangas
Having a conversation with manong bangkero. He told me some of the information I wrote in this blog article. Thanks manong.

***Credits: Some photos were courtesy of other Transcom Outdoors members. Thanks, guys***


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