Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Flora Filipina Expo 2012

I visited Quezon Memorial Circle to glimpse the Flora Filipina Expo 2012. Inside, there is  garden competition which showcase different species of plant from different parts of the country and beautifully arranged in their given spaces.

They also sell plants, trees, flowering plants, cactus and succulents, orchids, air plants, and carnivorous plants Pots made from different materials and decorative containers were also available. Landscaping services are also offered.

I was fascinated with a tree called Miracle Fruit plant that said capable to making sour fruit tastes sweet. Please do the research if this plant's berries could help our diabetic folks live a sweeter life. Another are the carnivorous plants such as pitcher plant, venus flytrap and sundews (drosera) that costs Php 650.00 per plant.

 I found and bought hydroton pellets for Php100.00 per kilo. I need it for my hydroponic project.

 To get these plants, visit Manila Seedling Bank at Quezon Avenue Ext. cor E. delos Santos Ave. Edsa Quezon City or check their website, http://www.msbfi.com



Froggy and friend.
Hydroton Pellets

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