Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick

An unannounced office pictorial introduced me to this product when I forgot to bring my own lipstick and end up borrowing my office mate's typical-looking lipstick- Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick with Vitamin E.

During one of my hike. The lipstick stays the whole day. I love it!

For lipstick addict like me who rely only in lipstick; sans other beauty products to prettify, don't get discouraged when you see this lippie as it comes in plain white tube and wrapped in clear plastic which make choosing for colors easier and make you doubt even more. I got mine from a drugstore near my office and I admit, I underestimated it because of its simple packaging and very cheap price of Php70.00 per tube.

This lippie's power lies in its staying power. Yes, it stays for long hours that you could swipe it in the morning and forget retouching your lips the whole day. Yes, you read it right. You can do your stuffs the whole day, eat and drink everything you like and you'll be surprised that at the end of the day (even after brushing your teeth) there still a pinkish or reddish tint in your lips.

Comes with different colors that turns to different shades when applied to your lips; hence it is called magic lipstick, surely every girls could find a shade you could loved. My favorite choice is Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Strawberry) because its pink shade compliments my facial skin color and my lips.

I have another branded and expensive lipstick that has a weird scent and internationally claimed to have that color-staying formula yet it always end up frustrating me. Thankfully, when I learned this Ever Bilena lipstick product, I don't have to suffer anymore with that old lipstick's unpleasant scent (and price). It is not matte, no glitters or too glossy and has Vitamin E to ensure that our lips stays soft and moisturized.

I always bring and used this Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick on trips and events I want to skip retouching my makeup such as when I am hiking, swimming or having a booze session with my friends. The lipstick assures me I don't look pale in my travel photos which is important to me coz I am using my photos in my blog. I am using it now on regular day at the office and it looks great as well. It gives my lips an amazing color and stays for a whole day.

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Apple)
Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Grapes)

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Lemon)

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Orange)

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Watermelon)
Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick (Strawberry)

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