Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Boracay de Cavite, a White Beach inside a Marine Camp

I promise I will write an article about this place. Here it goes. Last year, the wife of my cousin invited our family to go a beach somewhere in Cavite. We don't know its name. She said its a beach inside a marine camp coz her father is a military officer. Its a beach anyway, so off we go.

They  rent a huge jeep to accommodate us all. Its not just a family affair, rather, our neighbors join as well.

Since we rent a car going there, I don't really know how to get there myself. But I wanted this blog to be helpful to its reader so I read articles about route going to this place. To be honest, they aren't helpful as well. For the place is not a typical commuters route and  the only way and most convenient option to get there is having a private car or renting a van when you get off from Trece Martires City.

Why? Coz the beach is inside a Marine Camp and place like this is private. But during summer, they open the camp for people. Im just not sure if its open the whole year.

Going back to my story, upon reaching Cavite, the place changes from metropolitan to rural to isolated place.
From the busy and buzzling streets, it changes dramatically into a rural landscape with rice paddies and going farther reaching the resort, you will have to trek a what it seems no-ending road with forest on your every turn.

Yes, thick and dark forest with trees close to the street. But if your an adventurer by blood, you will surely love the ride. I myself would like to return there riding a motorcycle coz it more convenient. Its would definitely an adventure coz there is no traffic and every turn adds to the thrill. Surely, that's the reason why there are several bikers alongside our car during those time. Not to mention the magnetic part of the road where we have fun watching our car going uphill without driving it. Cool !!
If you like to try this experience, place the car on neutral and just let the car roll on its own. Don't forget from time to time to grab the steering wheel coz its still a mountain. Its not fun to roll down the cliffs.

The route is indeed a mountain with signs of soon-to-be high end subdivision on some location. Its a long ride but the moment I saw the blue sea, all the aches I felt fade away. The sea has its soothing effect on my body and mind.

We reach the resort expecting we are the only people there.............WRONG!!
Its summer and military officers family visit them as well during this time of the year.

Since its a marine camp, we undergo a lot of inspection. They are actually lenient on our group coz majority of our members were children. But for safety purposes, everyone follows the procedure. Its more fun when you know your safe. And they are military officers- they moved fast and with system.Good job!

The first thing that catch my attention is the training ground.
Since I also undergone a  military kind training during high school, its fun to see a bigger training facilities. We climbed every post and intertwined ropes, up and down the ladders of several tree tops and  run on car wheels on the ground. The trainees, our soon-to-be top caliber military officers, were polite and helpful in anyway they can. Actually, their superior instructed us that we can ask for help anytime.

There are available concrete rooms facing the sea but only few. According to my cousin, it should be booked in advance. When we arrived around 12noon, all rooms were taken as well as the bamboo cottages. The only option is to roll a mat or a tent under a tree for some shade.

The beach definitely have a fine white sand and a clear water. The only problem is that restricted part of it has floating garbage which I guess must be solve now so there would be more beach space to go. Yah, we went beyond the restricted area coz we can't help it. The view there are prettier and more exciting. Like for example a cave. In order to reach this cave, we crossed rocks coz a wrong step could lead one to fall in a deep sea full of kelp. And I am talking about giant kelp. So big it could tie around your feet and lure you to the open sea.

The cave is actually an open space on a boulder of rock, maybe formed by waves. Guys found adventure on swimming inside and hoping they wont hurt themselves every time a big waves surge inside. Since, I am not a swimmer, I just enjoyed watching the waves crushing inside the cave and got sprinkled by water that goes on every direction in the process (and pray these people won't get hurt chasing an adrenaline-rush experience).

We climbed the rocks of the  cave to fully appreciate the place and it was so damn fulfilling. From the top of the cave, I saw the vast grassland in color brown, a light blue sea on the beach that turns dark blue going to open sea, a green mountain on the other side, a cool breeze hitting my face though the sun is so high and the approaching waves.

Boracay de Cavite offers me an up-close and personal moment with jellyfishes. There's an abundant jellyfishes in the area and they don't sting. With your naked eyes, you could see them swimming near you or while swimming, it seems something bumped your legs. Bring goggles so you could see them. Children catch them by hand and even play with it. And if ever you are planning to catch some, forget it, they wont live long even if you place them on a bucket with sea water. Just let this gentle creature swim alongside with you.

1. If your after convenience, go there with your own car or rent a van.
2. Never never go here if no one in your group knows exactly where the place is. You might get lost on its mountain.
3. Booked for a room in advance or arrive there early.
4. Bring your own food. The place don't' have restaurants when we went there. This is a marine camp, remember? Don't expect too much comfort but it can offer you real fun.
5. Bring your own life buoy for safety and snorkeling gears to fully appreciates the jelly fishes ( just in case, you are  interested to see some).

Note: Pictures were taken using only a Nokia cellphone camera.

Too many people during summer....and jelly fishes too (they don't sting, they'll tickle you, bump you for invading their place).

To reach the cave, you have to cross these rocks while its low tide.... (that's sister and her boyfriend, I'm the one holding the camera).  Don't be fool, when you won't see rocks anymore, that's open sea already, with lots of giant kelp leaves visible on the water.

Looks like shallow but actually so deep. Inside is a cave where sea water continuously rushes inside. Adventure for some, but for me its dangerous.

If you cant beat the waves, stay outside and have fun watching the gutsy ones.
Or climb the rocks above it.

Its very stiff and slippery. Then pray for the sea to remain low tide so you could return to the beach or cross a vast grassland above.


  1. can i have the numbers of boracay dde cavite?

  2. Hi,I honestly don't have a contact number of the marine camp. I'll try to search and post it here whenever I found one. Thanks for reading my article.

  3. great help thank you very much... how much kaya per person

  4. nadadaanan ba sya ng mga baby buses?

  5. hi, we are planning this saturday or sunday, would you mind give us details on rates???...

  6. aircon ba ang room?

  7. Hi, not sure if there are aircon rooms, di naman kc kami ng overnight dun.Please let me know if there are kung makapunta ka dun. Let me route you to another blog with more precise details than my article to help you more with your trip planning

    Thank you for reading my blog and hope you enjoy the place, too.


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