Thursday, July 5, 2012

Lipote Berries (Syzygium curranii)

Seedlings and rotten berries at the ground near the tree.
All throughout my life, I have known this tree as Duhat. That is what my parents told us it was. It is native in their hometown,in Catanduanes Island of Bicol and maybe that is where the seedling came from.

Just a couple of weeks ago, while browsing for plant nurseries where I could get some exotic fruit trees (I am really looking for grafted rambutan and lanzones. I consider them exotic though they are typical but seasonal fruits in the 

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick

An unannounced office pictorial introduced me to this product when I forgot to bring my own lipstick and end up borrowing my office mate's typical-looking lipstick- Ever Bilena Evera Magic Lipstick with Vitamin E.

During one of my hike. The lipstick stays the whole day. I love it!

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine, Antipolo City: A Journey of Faith, Cashew Nuts, Suman and Stained-Glass Windows

Antipolo Shrine- Every month of May, this small shrine was flocked with thousands of devotees to pay homage to Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. It is considered a big event within the localities that will be part of the pilgrimage, as the people tend to walk their way up to the hills of Antipolo where the shrine is situated, famously known as "Alay Lakad' to commemorate the transfer of the image to its permanent sanctuary.

The facade of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Shrine.
Believed to be miraculous, the Marian image, popularly known as the Virgin of Antipolo, finds its home at this small yet lovely shrine surrounded by stained-glass windows that really fascinated me.

History has it that the image kept the perilous voyage of Governor Tabora and his men safe amidst dangerous water and fire aboard their ship that when they finally arrived at the Port of Manila, the Governor calls for a celebration and thus, the image has been accepted as the Patron Saint of Travelers.
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