Saturday, November 24, 2012

If No One Will Give You Flowers, Buy Them For Yourself

Okay, so boyfriend seems not so aware how I love flowers. Long ago, a closefriend's death make me realized I want to enjoy the beauty of  flowers and I don't want to give it as well during someone's funeral. So from then on, I never waited for anyone to give me flowers when I wanted it, I buy some for myself and I give it to others as well. Mother who is very price conscious and by nature- frugal, doesn't understand the whole concept of receiving a flower that is equivalent of one whole yummy cake. I told her I wanted her to see the flowers and enjoy their beauty while she can still see it.

Buying flowers on malls; though convenient, some are even imported and good quality are quite pricey. So, on a typical day when I want to just brighten my place, I grabbed flowers in the nearest church sold by peddlers outsides where you can get roses and chrysanthemums. On a regular day, a simple three roses costs only Php20.00, so as a bundle of hardy chrysanthemums. Are you gonna deprived yourself of making your place beautiful and make you feel good for only twenty pesos? So when you really love yourself, learn to give yourself flowers and if you have excess, give it to others. Trust me, they will be thrilled to receive it.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough

Please bear with me. This blog article will be very personal that I decided to just write whatever comes to my head.

Free Personality Test at PersonalityMax

My online training for a home-based job requires me to take this exam and got thrilled with the result that I believe everyone should try this as well, just for the fun part of it. Anyway, it only requires our honest answers and though we "believe" we already knew ourselves by this time; maybe not that much or should we start calling our bestfriend(s) perhaps to get from them directly and tell us who we really are. I prefer doing it first and then asked the other stuffs to my trusted friends who never have time stitching lies for me.

Manila Ocean Park

This trip was my second time in this place. The first time was I visited it alone out of curiousity and this recent one was a family bonding and parent's meet up for my sibling and her boyfriend. The plan was a great success.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Palm Sunday 2012 (Araw ng Palaspas)

Palm Sunday is a Catholic feast re-enacting the triumphal entry of Jesus in the city of Jerusalem. As I was cleaning my computer files, I dug this photos I took during Palm Sunday mass in Quiapo and how I am always fascinated by this feast. I love the synchronized waving of the palm leaves, it is beautiful in all directions.

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