Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where To Buy Hydrotons or Expanded Clay Pellets for Your Hydrophonics Project

Since I experienced it myself how hard it is to find these expanded clay pellets also called Hydrotons or Hydrocorns, much more finding an offer with reasonable price, I will share where I bought mine.

Establishment: Aya's Garden
Price: Php 100.00 per kilo (retail)
Class: Large Pellets
Address: Manila Seedling Bank, Quezon Ave. corner EDSA Quezon City

I bought a kilo because it is needed for a hydroponics project called Window Farm (which I haven't started yet and not sure when to commence) that I watched in YouTube.

Searching the internet and our local trusted classified ads website,, sellers there offer it for a ridiculous price of Php 180.00 per kilo. Woah, that's expensive.
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