About Lady Nyx

Hi I'm Lady Nyx. I love adventures, getting lost and talking to strangers. Everything my mother taught me not to do. Please feel free to read my blog and write a comment

I am also in touch with my emotional side so expect to read some personal topics here- about my life, social issues that concerns me, spiritual topics and crafts of all sort such as  sewing, crocheting, beading, book reviews, pets,etc. It is suppose to be a personal journal of just anything about my life with no particular topic so I just label each article for my readers convenience.

This site is accepting travel invitation, commissioned travel assignments and other social activities. I will write about your place, interesting things and my experiences here in my blog, in your website or other media it can be useful while remaining honest and unbiased with my reviews for my dearest readers.

Send me a comment or email me at ladynyx14@gmail.com.Thank you.

Lady Nyx

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