Thursday, February 7, 2013

Convert Files from One File Type to Another Without Downloading any Software at

Received an email today from my online job company and sends instruction to update my profile for their website by providing them several information such as written personal details, professional looking photo, video and audio for clients to read, hear and see.

Done with the writing part and proceeds with my thirty-seconds audio file. However, I could only used my cellphone's voice recorder to make a voice recording. While doing so, I found it automatically saved to adaptive multi-rate audio file(.amr) and as per instruction, only mp3 files will be accepted.

So I browsed internet and finally after a failed installation of one file converter software, I found one that doesn't need a software download and it's for free, no signing up needed, too. The website is

I simply browsed and uploaded the .amr recording and I chose what type I need, this time in .mp3 format.
In seconds, the computer gives me an mp3 recording as clear as the original one. So happy with this website's service; simple, hassle-free and free of charge.

Tadah! Here's the mp3 audio for my profile. A link will be provided so you could save it in your computer. 
Sooo easy and I love it!!

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