Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Aging's Food Delight Halaya Ube

Been living in Bagong Ilog, Pasig for almost three years because it is near my work but it's only this year that I discovered this kakanin shop that is worth mentioning in my blog; Aging's Food Delight aka Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog.

If you are near this area, every morning you will observed the long carts full of kakanin being sold along the streets. For only 

Php 5.00 per piece or slice, you can get a medley of different Filipino kakanin (sweet delicacies typically made of sticky rice, cassava or flour). But this blog will be dedicated solely for my recent yummy find, Aging's Food Delight Halayang Ube (Purple Yam Jam) wrapped in banana leaf.

For only Php 12.00 a piece you can enjoy this yummy halayang ube delicacy. It is made of grated purple yam tuber and rolled in toasted shredded coconut. A great almusal or meryenda for everyone. I love it so much because though its small in serving (according to my tummy's ability, LOL), each piece is made of unadulterated ube. The texture and taste reaffirmed my observations.

Good thing just a couple of months ago, they opened a store along the street. The first time I discovered it, I have to buy it in a small opening beside an overpass bridge where I was kinda reluctant to knock coz I'm not sure if they will allow me to buy or they are just placing the food in the table visible to overpass passers. But my curiosity, love for food and instict of whats yummy just by merely looking at it won and I knock and uttered "Pabili po" (English translate: I want to buy) that I discovered this yummy treat. See,sometimes all you need is guts and you'll discovered wonders, LOL.

They also sell suman; plain or medley with leche plan, halaya, pinipig or maja mais and pichi pichi. Another best-seller for my taste buds is their Leche Plan (Caramel Custard). This one is thicker than the typical custard we could buy at grocery stores and cheaper because it only costs Php80.00 a box in their store.

Visit Aging's Food Delight facebook page to check their products.  Aging's Food Delight Facebook Page

Establishment's Name: Aging's Food Delight, Ang Original Suman na Espesyal sa Bagong Ilog

Contact Number: (02)671-0172  Mobile: +639298410424
Address: Pasig Blvd. St, Bagong Ilog, Pasig City NCR Philippines
How to get there: From Crossing Edsa, ride jeepney with signages San Joaquin or Pasig Palengke. Instruct the driver to drop you at Total Gas Station and you can find the store nearby.

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