Monday, October 15, 2012

French Baker Raisin Bonnets: Simple, Humble and Yummy

French Baker Raisin Bonnets
The French Baker Raisin Bonnets is a real treat. It is my all-time French Baker bread favorite, surpassing all other more elaborate, eye-candy pastries that line-up the counter. 

It is simple yet satisfying. The fact that I love raisins as well, adds allure to this humble bread and that is why I keep coming back for it. Each bread has a generous amount of raisin and the dough is not so sweet, it is the raisins that give 
it a subtle sweet taste. The bread is not too soft and not flaky as well. 

Each piece costs Php 17.00 

Visit The French Baker's website to view their other products:

The French Baker (Philippines) Website 

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