Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Serenity Prayer

Long before I knew that a prayer is my direct communication/personal moment with my Creator and thus I don't need any script to do so; this ready-made prayer by theologian Reinhold Niebuhr is one of my favorite.

I have a copy of it in my wallet, securely tucked inside which I secretly recited during hard times of brokenness, anger, uneasiness, failure, hardship, dull days etc.

No wonder Alcoholics Anonymous loved this prayer so much  that when a member bought this prayer to them in 1941, its co-founder and staffs like it a lot that they had it printed and gave it  around.

The prayer consists of very select words that can summarize vast emotions depends on the issue of a person.

As for me, it works. Its so easy to memorize that when I am feeling bad, sad, misunderstood or I simply need to cool down or avoid conflicts, I recites the prayer and I get an instant relaxation. The words are simple and straight. Its also perfect during bout of pessimism to remind yourself that you are willing to understand something that you don't understand and so you need God's love and help for you cannot do it alone.

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