Monday, October 15, 2012

I am a Bread Monster

I'm a bread monster. I am, I confessed. I am a full-blooded Pinay but I could live eating breads for breakfast, lunch, merienda, dinner and mid-night snack while most of my kababayans prefer eating rice on their meals. As for me, just pair it with a cup of hot coffee and you won't hear a complain from me. I am willing to pay exorbitant price for a piece of bread, pastry or cake. Trust me, there are times I don't like it either, for it is against my frugal mentality but bread is an obsession and I am powerless over those glazey, mouth-watering, decadent, flour masterpiece over the glass shelves.

I will try my best not to eat them right away upon purchase and take pictures of it so I could make review. The problem it that, there are times I could no longer wait to return home so I could capture a good images of these yummy treats.

I'm not sure If I could maintain blogging this topic because of that predicament I stated above. However, I enjoyed eating them as much as I enjoy looking at their colors. I tried baking but its seems I am best at eating them rather than making them.

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