Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Samsung Makes BIG BANG ALIVE

Philippines get ready as KPOP will once again invade Manila, but this time it is real huge and crazy. What more can make it big when you combine the hottest device in the market, Samsung Galaxy S lll alongside with  Korea’s most successful music group, Big Bang in one gigantic concert. Two icons of different industry sharing one event and that is one grand concert not to be missed.

The all-guys group, who are love not only in their country but worldwide, found their way to Filipino heart through their music that, though, we barely understand, we know just my listening that their songs are great and the guys are geniuses when it comes to music, fashion and style. Oh, we simply couldn’t help but adore these talented hotties and cuties from neighbor country, Korea.
While browsing the internet and checking the guys profiles, I’ve learned that Samsung Galaxy S lll is the concert sponsor. With approval from my scrutinizing high standard, sure this latest craze in the device market is the only fair match for my idols.

Big Bang group formed in 2006 and consists of members; G-Dragon, Taeyang, T.O.P., Daesung and Seungri has been considered one of the greatest group in Korea and paved the way for other KPOP talents to emerge in the music industry.

I personally like the musicality of their song Lies, Haru Haru and Last Farewell; just some of their biggest hits, though I don’t personally understand the meaning of the lyrics. Thanks to YouTube, somehow, I was able to get some idea what these songs means. Not even a language barrier can make me stop admiring their music and continuously patronizing their genre, group and unique fashion style.

I decided to ignore the lyrics meaning and simply dance when the Big Bang’s song calls me to dance, and yes, I will dance and will dance without a care. There are times, I have this hint in my heart that the song is actually a love song laid with music intended to make listeners dance and so I moved my body, give in to the rhythm that their music is instructing me to do. Without even understanding it, I could relate and I am having fun. Guess not all foreign music can do that. 

Big Bang’s songs can be considered like a work of art; like great paintings that don’t really need to be understood but we simply love. Just like Samsung Galaxy S lll, a small device that is crafted like a masterpiece; stunning and captivating yet useful and functional. It is designed for humans and inspired by nature. What more is prettier and convincing as something that can also make your life comfortable? Check out your phones feature and maximize its ability by checking this link.

The new Samsung Galaxy S lll comes in six colors which allows everyone to grab this cutting edge device in colors that suits their taste. Great choices for someone who’s tired of the typical black and grey options the phone market is constantly offering. With Samsung Galaxy S lll, no more forcing yourself to like a black phone when what you really want is a fiery red one that matches your red convertible two-doors car or your feisty red stiletto. 

Repeat: With the new Samsung Galaxy S lll, you have a superb performing phone in color that fits your personality and taste. Options are always accepted coz its sweet!!

If you are a woman like me, this concern is important before falling in love and taking home with us our new gadget. And as for the men, who could resist a memory of up to 128GB-capacity (internal memory 64GB plus microSD card capacity 64GB). Um, wait, are these infos correct?

Check......double checked....... triple check.......!

Argh, give me that phone. I want it so badly. No wonder people go gaga over this newest Samsung device.

I’m not a techie person but I know that means huge capacity for a sleek gadget my hands could hold. As for the Big Bang members, their cute, talented, fashionista, genius and GREAT! Um, can I take them all home? :-P

Okay, so if I would be given a chance to match the Big Bang guys with Samsung Galaxy S lll phones, suppose we will make the newest Korea novela or Super Hero sequel ala Fantastic Four: The Korean Version (well, the guys can act, it’s possible,cmon), these will be our casting line up.

Foreword: I'm part of the script. I'm their leading lady. This is my story, remember? Accept it first and complain later. 

Okay. Fine. Just give me this moment to day dream. I won’t bust your own fantasy. 

Name: G-Dragon
Keeper of Sapphire Black Samsung Galaxy S lll
Power: Light
Name: Taeyang
Knight of Titanium Grey Samsung Galaxy S lll
Power: Metal
Name: T.O.P.
Warden of Marble White Samsung Galaxy S lll
Power: Air

Name: Daesung
Guardian of Amber Brown Samsung Galaxy S lll
Power: Earth

Name: Seungri
Guardian of Pebble Blue Samsung Galaxy S lll
Power: Water

Name: Lady Nyx
Guardian-Princess of Garnet Red Samsung Galaxy S lll
Power: Fire

Wow, it seems I was able to complete the casts, and that includes me. Amazing!

My story's last line would be:

"Together, they just not save the world and teach the value of preserving nature. These heroes are also capable of creating good music, and they can make the world dance."

Big Bang Alive Galaxy Tour 2012 will be happening this October 24 at Mall of Asia Arena, 8pm. 

Check out Samsung Philippines facebook page and score yourself a concert ticket for this much awaited Big Bang concert.


Good luck everyone. See you there.

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