Thursday, August 2, 2012

Where To Buy Hydrotons or Expanded Clay Pellets for Your Hydrophonics Project

Since I experienced it myself how hard it is to find these expanded clay pellets also called Hydrotons or Hydrocorns, much more finding an offer with reasonable price, I will share where I bought mine.

Establishment: Aya's Garden
Price: Php 100.00 per kilo (retail)
Class: Large Pellets
Address: Manila Seedling Bank, Quezon Ave. corner EDSA Quezon City

I bought a kilo because it is needed for a hydroponics project called Window Farm (which I haven't started yet and not sure when to commence) that I watched in YouTube.

Searching the internet and our local trusted classified ads website,, sellers there offer it for a ridiculous price of Php 180.00 per kilo. Woah, that's expensive.

I first time I saw this pellets, it is use as a soil for Miura plants that were sold inside malls, where plants look like being dwarfed because of their small sizes.

Anyway, after purchasing it, I agreed why is it the suitable medium for such project. In my personal opinion, I like it because it is light weight, not messy compare to real soil and all you need to do is water it because it already contains the mineral nutrients that plants need to grow.

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Happy Gardening everyone!

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