Tuesday, November 20, 2012

If Your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough

Please bear with me. This blog article will be very personal that I decided to just write whatever comes to my head.

What are the dreams that scares the hell out of you but you want it that badly, you are willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill them? Asked my online motivational trainer during a training session for that home-based job I am applying.

I paused. I think. I searched real hard. I went blank and realized I am not dreaming anything "BIG" for the past years. He said he wants a dream that's over crazy, seems impossible, may consider a joke if someone heard us saying it out loud and then think of all possible crazy solutions for that. Crazy dreams and crazy ways of achieving them flooded the chat room that trains a hundred people from different countries; India, Bangladesh, Iran, Iraq, a handful of Americans and fellow Filipinos mostly from Visayas and Mindanao. Well me, at the comfort of my own room, and did I say I was so glad it is just an audio meeting and training and not video skype, is struggling to find my big dreams as I read the wildest, biggest dreams of my team mates as it flashes in our training chat room. I smiled after I realized that I do have big dreams. I just forgot them or I placed them in the back of my mind because I have a harsh reality to face everyday and I hate frustrations that could make me sad. But I answered back to my trainer. I donated in the group my big dreams and we all have fun reading each other "impossible dreams".

Recently, I read from another motivational speaker that when we are kids, we used to dream big. We knew our ambitions. We have an idea what we want to be our purpose in life. But when we grow up, the cruel world as we know it and the people around us tells us to have a dream that is somehow "achievable" and so we learn to lower our dreams, our ambitions and our standards which eventually lessen our hope; the fire and zest to achieve them, to make them a reality and us to be genuinely happy.

After the training session, I searched for a picture and place the exacts words he shares in the training. " If your Dreams Don't Scare You, They Are Not Big Enough", and I found my perfect picture to go along with it; taken on top of a mountain overlooking the places that I coveted yet feared.

On top of Mt. Pico de Loro in the picture, I saw my big dreams and the obstacles I must face.

The hike going on top of the mountain could be compare to our life. Its long and winding. It is muddy and confusing that I slipped countless time; just like life's wrong decisions and choices. Yet, like in the hike, I choose to stand up and proceed with the journey. As I looked back, I realized my bad choices in the past doesn't ruin me at all. That is because I choose to go on but heading on the right direction after my several "big" falls. The top of the mountian offers a spectacular view, only visible to the courageous heart.To those who are no-quitter.

I saw the beaches of Hamilo Coast. I dreamed of my own beachfront house but that seems impossible and then I love the sea but I have a deep sea phobia. The things that could make me happy can either frustrates or makes me happy. Yet the training teaches me to think of crazy solutions as well, and I began to ask from "why" is that my dream, it is impossible to "why not" get that dream plus "how" am I will going to make that possible. The answers to my new learned positive questions was indeed crazy as well. I keep it in my heart so I could feel the wanting so bad and so loud; it will make me move, it will force me to be resourceful, it will make me creative.

The Parrot's Peak of this mountain teaches me to face my fear of the uncertain. The treacherous path going up and down to that rocky part of the mountain requires clear thinking, right timing, more than enough courage to entrust my life to a piece of rope and a friend's arm. Yes, I'm not sure if I could make it, but if I don't try, the answer is an automatic "yes, I cant make it, which equals to "I wont be able to see the beauty of the other side or I will regret not trying it when I have a chance".  Just like in life, there are times and situations we want to conquer but don't have enough courage, money, time and experience to do it. So for the longest time, we look at this dream for so long that we wasted more time starring at it rather than take our chance to try it. The "mountains and towers" I wanted to climb are now listed in my heart. I will try to reach them. One at a time. Never in a hurry. Maybe someday I could even move those mountains. Lately, I decided to seek a companion named Jesus Christ, He is a big help for He carry most of the yoke.

I witnessed that when people dream big it is because they have a big purpose for it. Sacrifices must be made and it doesn't requires an arm and a leg; just a motivated, loving heart willing to face the ugly part of the journey. They said enjoy life's journey, but some roads are not exciting that we must learn to focus on the beautiful destination rather than exhaust ourselves to our current bad situations. Big dreams require big commitment. And it is easier to share and be generous to others if you have a big payoff, isn't it?

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