Monday, November 19, 2012

Palm Sunday 2012 (Araw ng Palaspas)

Palm Sunday is a Catholic feast re-enacting the triumphal entry of Jesus in the city of Jerusalem. As I was cleaning my computer files, I dug this photos I took during Palm Sunday mass in Quiapo and how I am always fascinated by this feast. I love the synchronized waving of the palm leaves, it is beautiful in all directions.

My mother keep these palm leaves after it is being blessed my the priest and somehow believe it it could ward off evil spirit away from our house. For years, she's been doing it and for years, nothing really bad happened to our home so her belief must have been true. Quiet different from the real purpose of palm during Palm Sunday which is to accept God but maybe mom believe the dancing palm does accepts blessing and that blessing is worth being used to and she chooses protection for her family. Maybe people have different ways of using God's blessings, isnt it.

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