Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Loreland Farm Resort: A Resort that Offers Adventure Options

A friend offers me to join their family outing on Loreland Farm Resort in Antipolo. This is my first time in this place.

I advise that if you want to be in here as well, especially on summer, better booked your accommodation ahead to avoid inconvenience. When we arrived, it was obvious that the place is famous coz of the crowd of people that was on the parking lot. It takes us too many precious time to get inside though I can see that the staff are doing all they can to fasten their jobs accommodating every group on the line.

The resort offer several different kinds of activities inside. It has several pools with different depths, scattered around the resort so wherever cabana you choose to stay, sure there is a near one. It has different rooms if you want to stay longer and feels more convenient. It has zip line park for a dose of adrenaline rush, restaurants, playground for the kids, properly planned ground lay out with abundant plants and trees, spacious parking lot, videoke machines, grilling stations, Jacuzzi on some pools, several comfort rooms that can easily be find and best of all, a wonderful view of the metro. Yes, from here Ortigas and Makati can be seen on the horizon.

When I get bored of swimming on every pool, we discovered there is a station of the cross on the other side of the resort. We trekked down and realize it was kinda tough challenge. The stairs going down is spacious enough to walk on but the mountain is so stiff. Whoever thinks of making the edge of a mountain a great place to build this station the cross, I salute you. Coz honestly, simply walking down has been a challenge, so much going up. I’m sweating and take several breaks along the way. We got wonderful shoots even while on our descend. I specifically admire the stairs that was built on the side of the mountain, properly carved spaces and uses the same stones of the mountain as a foundation.

Just one of the pools inside the resort.
But trekking down doesn’t stop on the stairs coz at the foot of the mountain where the resort was built, there is a charming place to explore and equally nice to have a pose and take some pictures- its Camp Tipolo Adventureland. It has nipa huts, rice paddies, lily pond, fish pond and some ropes to climb on, tree trunks to walk on and rice paddies to practice balancing.

The day ends wonderfully and fulfilling. I got sun burned again- a sign that I enjoyed the day without me realizing what time is it and how high the sun is. Next time, I will bring sunscreen, promise. And maybe a shade, hat and a good camera.
Cottages, umbrellas and its sands in the middle.
Stations of the Cross is  here..... and the way to visit Camp Tipolo which is at the foot of this mountain side
Start of the stairs descend mania.... Trust me, you need a healthy heart and knee joints for this stairs.

Entrance of Camp Tipolo
Pools with lilies inside Camp Tipolo.

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