Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Get Hawthorn Flakes at Aji Ichiban Stores

This bag of Hawthorn flakes reminds me of my childhood where kids in our neighborhood substitute these flakes as "Ostiya" (Holy Bread in a Catholic Mass) out of frustration that we are not allowed to partake the said white bread during mass because we are still kids and so we improvised our own and find this red, round flakes in the stores.

Now grown up and able to participate in the Holy Sacrament of Eucharist, I no longer insists of making hawthrorn flakes a substitute to tasteless Ostiya, though I sometimes wish Ostiya to have a slight sweetness. Anyway, maybe who ever invented that white thin bread has a vision that someday diabetes will become a typical sickness and its more beneficial to body to make it sugarless.

But the sweet crunchy hawthorn flakes always have a place in my heart and so it is great to find one big bag in Aji Ichiban Candies Store, Megamall for Php 55.00. They also have a small roll of bigger disc for only Php 20.00 a roll.

The collage above is the Haw flakes, Hawthorn berries when ripe and its pretty flowers in bloom.

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