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The Joy of DIY and an Advice to Parents with Kids Curious About Everthing

Hi everyone, I decided to create a separate blogsite for crafts and DIY's topics.

Kindly click this link: . In that new site, I can focused primarily on the said topic of crafting and Do-it-Yourself tutorials which I want to share to you all. Thank you for supporting my sites. I love you all. (Updated: August 02, 2012)

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I'm not a newbie in making different crafts. The fascination for creating stuffs has been an obsession since childhood. 

I could vividly remember breaking my toys to pieces just to see what’s inside and putting them back together.  Some returned to original design but some has been upgraded using other toy’s part and a dash of my creativity. 

Mother was always in rage for the messy room and broken toys. Now, maybe she understands where those messy moments evolved.  

I could now stare at plain, boring, sometimes old items and able to create something prettier out of it. I overhaul it, twist this and that part, extract the creative juice out of me, polish their edges,  gather materials that synchronize, get the colors, sizes, and texture that match together, make a useless now- useful again. 

I make accessories and clothes that fits my style. If I want a certain design in the magazine or malls, I could make them in half the price and always have extra to share to my siblings and friends. If I want a very unique one, I dug deep in my imaginative mind and invent a stuff that was totally just for me. That's the sweetest part of it. Owning a piece that everyone don't have or could not have, unless they copied it from you.

And the years of just plain play turns out to be income generating as well, I could sell some of them. During Elementary days, I got additional baon out of my skills and talent. But the true joy comes from these two:

1. I could give them as a material gifts to others, and

2. I now teach the skills to people of all ages and they find joy in it, the very same joy I experienced.

I promise I won’t ignore the gifts that God has bestowed on me. I really dream one day I could make a good business out of it. I just don’t know yet how to. It might be another part of the journey and I am opening the door to this stage. 

An Advice to Parent:

I am not a parent yet, but if I someday I could have my own kids running around and they choose to break their toys, I believe I could be understanding. I'll run to toy store and introduce them to Lego. 

If they play make believe that they were painters and color the floor as well, I will applause and tell them "your getting good at it, just keep the colors on the paper and we will post it in the wall later, okay sweetie?".

If you buy a book with pictures and it end up like a coloring book, be very glad, they find it interesting. Kids were busy creatures, they don't have time for nonsense.

If the kids like to play the garden soil and scrutinize every leaves while you are gardening, be ready to share the garden someday coz you got a gardening buddy that will look after your plant and a bonding activity for both of you as well. 

When I was a kid, age seven and mother brought me to my free summer painting workshop, we both thought I'm was too young for this kind of activity. But the workshop was packed with kids younger than me and the master really told us that I am too late for it. 

Later in life I realize the meaning of his words. That definitely, no one is too old to learn anything but a "gift" is something that should be developed while one is still young. It must be acknowledge. Some people see only the "potential" in young people. They failed to see the "gift" that is blossoming in the young mind and body of a child.

Let children be children. Allow them to play, get hurt a little, socialize, grow, explore. Cultivate their gifts but never over-stressed or force them. 

In a mid of their life, (for me, at my late twenties)  a young man or woman will be thankful at your feet for everything you have done for them. And in front of a loving and supportive parents, a successful man or woman will humble himself and will always be your baby.

***Tribute to my loving parents, Arsenio and Anita***


  1. You wrote this by heart, it shows, good job ms J, as a mother i understand what you're saying and has experienced and still experiencing all these be it in their younger years and even now that they're grown ups... let the KIDs be kids and they will cherish it up to their GOLDEN a parent I was also been there and done that....

  2. I'm a new parent and although my baby can't appreciate crafts yet, it's something I plan to have her exposed to as soon as she understands it. I've always dreamed of my own craft room so my daughter and I could be crafty there together. =)

    About the coloring on the walls thing, though. Unlike you, that's where I'll have to take a different stand. Messy I can understand, but coloring on the walls is a no-no for me. She should also learn discipline din kasi. =)


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